About us

About us

Solutions for clients in the Energy industry around the world

ENERGI ENG is global consulting and service provider firm that provides Consultancy, Third Party Inspection Services, Engineering Services, Asset Integrity Management and Software Solutions to clients in the Energy industry around the world.

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Tailored solutions to complex problems

Energi Eng provides technical support and consultancy that can be tailored to fulfill the specific needs of Energi companies worldwide.
By combining global coverage and local knowledge with our wide range of services we are able to create tailored solutions to complex problems.


We offer a full range of specialist engineering consultancy services complete with solutions developed and tailored to the Energy business.

Considered as company with expertise in:

Technical Consulting and Auditing
Third Party Inspection
Engineering Services
Asset Integrity Management Services
Software Solution Provider
Technical Manpower Supply

Being service provider, it is mandatory to listen to the voice of our customers to fully understand their needs.

Our consultancy services help our customers to overcome the challenges of understanding and meeting market demands and customer expectations anywhere in the world especially in Energy  sector.